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Money Matters

Money Matters A multi part series on financial stewardship. 022_money myths 022_Your Money Map week1 022_Your Money Map week2 022_Your Money Map week3 022_Your Money Map week4final 022_Your Money Map week5 022_Your Money Map week6 022_Your Money Map week7  

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TULIP- Free Will vs Election

TULIP- Free Will vs Election This is a four part study of the TULIP debate between Calvinism and Armenianism. 014_Salvation Pt1 014_limited atonementb 014_irr grace 014_Perseverance of the Saints

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Priorities Some rough notes on setting priorities. 018_personal needs pyramid 018_prioritize


Romans 6

Romans 6 An introductory lesson to life after salvation. 021_Romans 6

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Stereotypes This study challenges our thoughts on stereotypes.   Elevator Speech God makes it clear that we are all equal in his eyes. There is no conclusive justification for stereotyping or racism in the Bible.  The racial interaction discouraged by the Bible is on the basis of worship of false gods. It is misguided to judge a person's worth by a stereotype since there are

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