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Accepting/regecting Jesus Christ is the most important decision that people make in their lifetime.  This is known as the salvation decision, and it determines how they will experience eternity after death, suffering or heaven.  Here are my personal thoughts on salvation, but everyone should study the Bible with a mentor to completely understand the idea of saving grace. I will present a very brief overview of accepting Christ as Savior followed by detailed info.
People experience a strange, uneasy feeling very similar to a guilty conscience.  This is God “convicting” them about deciding to follow Christ.
People only need to submit to this feeling by accepting the fact that Christ’s death on the cross made amends for all their past mistakes in the eyes of God.
Once making this commitment of submission (Christ’s way above self), people immediately are made good from God’s perspective and receive eternal spiritual life. The Holy Spirit gives comfort and encouragement to do good and put old failures and habits behind them.

Though a continual struggle, I strive to place my faith as the number one priority in life. My goal is to have a genuine, practical relationship with Christ. I have considered much of the criticism of Christianity and will share more detail on why and how to accept Christ.First, the Bible is our primary source of truth about Christ. The Bible does face criticism which I address in my studies called Bible Bible Study and Answers to Tough Questions.

This requires faith, and my faith is in Christ because he defied the laws of nature by dying, remaining in the tomb for three days, and then returning to life.  This is the foundation of all that follows.

In evaluating life and searching for answers, people will be faced with the decision of whether to accept or reject the message of Christ.  These comments are from my study of Scripture, and I will begin by relating how I felt before experiencing true redemption in Christ.  Alone, I could never attain genuine, total peace of mind, and I wanted assurance and satisfaction.  This is the nature of human beings.  I remember facing the question of accepting Christ and the associated fear, but God changed my fearful nature.We are sinners by nature. No one teaches a child to lie or to be selfish; it is human nature. This is practically clear but also addressed in Romans 3:23.  This nature condems us to eternal suffering apart from saving grace.  Understanding our sinful nature is the first stage in fully understanding saving grace.

Once understanding our sin and accompanying penalties, we must learn how to make amends for sin. Isaiah discusses prophecies about someone called the Messiah.  The Messiah would make amends for sin (Isaiah 53:11).

Many online sources, including this source, have detailed info showing Jesus is the Messiah by fulfilling prophecy. Jesus tells a woman in John 4 that he is the Messiah (John 4:26), and his purpose as the Messiah is clearly stated in John 3:16.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
He makes amends/provides eternal life to those who believe he is the payment for their sin.  God draws us to him and we must respond when we feel conviction. Once we make the choice and commit our lives, we will be transformed and will desire to do good, putting old failures and habits behind us.  Life is more fulfilling, exciting, and peaceful as one walks with Christ.  I know that exciting and peaceful seem like contradicting ideas, but words can not fully express the joy of living with Christ in control.  God is good and he wants us to experience life to the fullest through Christ.  I love him and hope you do, too.